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Indian Population: India to surpass China in Population

The Front Affairs

INDIAN POPULATION : India to surpass China to become World’s most populous country in 2023

Indian population growth rate is higher as compared to China. It is predicted that this year India might surpass China and become the most populous country in the World. As of today India stands at 1.408B whereas China at 1.412B making a small difference of just 32.9M. It is around population of Tokyo Metropolitan area or US State of Texas.

Both Asian Giants have surpassed 1.4 Billion mark. For more than 70 years accounted for more than a 3rd of Global population. In 2022, about 10 Million children were born in China. Whereas slightly more than people died because of a rapid drop in fertility rate of China.

Graph showing populations of top 5  Nations from 1980 to 2030
Graph showing Population of top 5 Nations in the World. Both India and China has far more people than next 3 most populous countries

India population vs China : Demographic statistics comparison

Indian population growth has declined as fertility rate of India dropped from 5.7 births in 1950 to 2 births per women. Its declining rate is quite slower as compared to China. Fertility rate of China has dropped significantly from 7.51 in 1963 to 1.28 in 2022. Meanwhile India’s fertility rate has dropped from 5.97 in 1963 to 2.05 in 2022.
India on the other hand also has declining population growth but declining at much slower rate compared to China. Almost 86,000 children are born in India per day, whereas China has 49,400 births per day. China’s one child policy helped reduced its annual population growth rate from 2% in 1973 to 1.1% in 1983.
Many organizations are currently working India to raise awareness to measures of population control. Notably Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation (Population solution Foundation) and many more.

Indian Population: Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation volunteers Marching on World population day.
Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation volunteers Marching on World population day.

What does No 1 in population means for India?

India is known a major consumer market and source of many intelligent, talented, skilled and unskilled laborer in the World. India surpass China and becoming World’s most populous country will be a both beneficial and disadvantageous for the country itself.

Benefits of rise in Indian Population:

Rise in Indian population has its own benefits. India is having most number of people in the World. India will gain more attention and influence over the region and the World. India’s bid for Permanent Seat in United Nations Security Council. Currently held by 5 countries including China. Moreover India having more than 2/3rds of population born after 1990 Economic liberalization in the country. 20% of Indians are 25 years old. Moreover, 47% below 25 years of age.

This huge population of young Indians is a huge pool of brilliant, talented, skilled and unskilled laborer. This will attract many manpower seeking countries in the World like USA, Canada, Australia and European nations. Currently most of the Tech and famous brand companies have Indian CEO’s like Google, Adobe, Chanel, IBM and Microsoft etc. India as a large consumer market of more than 1.4 Billion people can attract even more companies. This will cause increase in Foreign Investments, Job creation and economic and human development in the country.

Investments in India compared to population growth.
Increase in foreign investments and economic growth

Drawbacks of rise in Indian Population:

Like everything has its benefits and drawbacks and India having most people in the World also has some drawbacks. India being 7th largest country in the World by area. India has far more people than all of largest countries United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Russia Combined. Country can face serious environmental problems like forest and agricultural land reduction because of increase in housing demands. Lack of efficient provide of basic human needs like food, clothing, shelter, education, health and job.

India vs China economic comparison:

India may surpass China in population but economically India is far behind China. China has lifted more than 770 Million people by their successful economic plans. Whereas India is doing better but still, is struggling to lift millions of its poor citizens.

Problems faced by India due to High population Growth:

India is currently facing problems like increasing in population density of major urban areas like Delhi and Mumbai. Domestic migration of people from backward states like Bihar, UP and Chhattisgarh etc increases rapidly. Due to increase in population of Urban, areas cities are facing serious economic and environmental problems. Majorly including increase in traffic jams, lack of providing jobs to all, giving necessities like clean water and shelter. Major issues of environment like smog in winters and heatwaves in summers are caused by air pollution. Increase in air pollution is because of too much load of traffic in urban centers causing health issues for citizens.

Rush hour at Borivali, a Suburban neighborhood in North-Western end of Mumbai shows .
Rush hour at Borivali, a Suburb in North-Western end of Mumbai.

Because of overpopulation, unemployment also increases because there is not enough room in job market to accommodate all people. This will cause decrease in living standards and economic conditions of people and ultimately causing increase in poverty. Because of poverty families cannot afford to give their children proper education causing creation of a viscous circle of poverty. India may also become one of the most water scarce country in the World because of high population in future.

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